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IOT Data Engineer

  • Strong communicator
  • Connectivity
  • Understanding of Java, Python or C#

Are you passionate about new technologies and connectivity initiatives? As part of the connectivity team, the IoT data engineer will have an important role supporting the business by providing insights from the different dataflows.

Your responsibilities

You will be part of the connectivity team. More and more machines are being equipped with communication devices, such as relevant data about the running state and usage. After this data is collected, the connectivity team is responsible to enrich and visualize the data for the end-customer and uses it in internal processes.

As an IoT Data Engineer you will support the business with data requests and reports which you manage through dataflows. After extracting the reports behind those dataflows, you will uncover the logic behind it. Thanks to your critical view, you will easily develop test plans and test cases for enhancements. Afterwards, you will document the results and resolve the identified errors, conflicts and bugs as well as track the bug’s resolution.

Thanks to your open communication the close interaction with the different stakeholders will go fluently. Moreover, you will cooperate with the technical team to get a good understanding of the machine behavior and to-be-expected results. This is where your proactivity will come in handy.

You are passionate about new technologies, which will be helpful when you are developing the new IoT platform (smartlink 2.0) with your colleagues. You will be working together with several colleagues of different departments.

What does your DNA look like?

Ideally you dispose of a master's degree in industrial engineering - ICT or electronics. You have a general understanding of our product portfolio that consists in industrial air compressors, vacuum solutions, generators, pumps, power tools and assembly systems. On top of that, you understand the coding languages of Java, Python or C#. You have a healthy interest in Microsoft Azure Cloud as well.

Good collaboration and proactivity are two skills that define your DNA. This is why you take ownership and show initiative while working on your projects. You like to work in a structured way, this shows in your documentation of the progress and results of the dataflows you manage.

Atlas Copco offers you more than a job!

We support your professional and personal growth.

Atlas Copco empowers you to seize opportunities, to grow and to take more responsibilities on (inter)national level. Priority at Atlas Copco is the major focus on innovation, the attention to an excellentwork-life balance and to professional progress. Furthermore, we offer training opportunities which entitles you to plot your own career path.

Over time, you can choose to manage larger projects and budgets, to become team leader or to take up a position within another division. It’s self-evident that you get an attractive salary and a wide range of fringe benefits. Your talent and passion for the Industry 4.0 deserve it. In that way you provide a significant contribution to make the world a better place to live.

Atlas Copco is operating worldwide

The Atlas Copco group has its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden and is operating in more than 180 countries. The compressor department of the group has its international head office in Wilrijk (Antwerp): Atlas Copco Airpower. As a market leader in air technology we develop and manufacture a large range of industrial compressors and related products.

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