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Junior / Medior Data Science Engineer (Ghent/Belgium)

  • Data Science Engineer
  • High-tech company

Your new workplace

Yazzoom is a high-tech software company based in Ghent, Belgium. We provide AI-based software and R&D services for improving the company processes of our customers. Next to projects where we build custom software solutions for our customers, we have created an innovative software product called Yanomaly: a scalable plug-in software tool for anomaly detection and predictive analytics on machine generated data (https://www.machine-analytics.com). With our data science and software development team we are continually working on improving this software - both algorithmically and feature-wise. Yanomaly currently already monitors hundreds of industrial assets and we are rapidly expanding the install base of the product. Our team consists of smart and motivated high-tech professionals with various backgrounds. For the past 9 years we have delivered innovative solutions with a large added value to our customers. We are now ready for an accelerated expansion and internationalization and are looking for new colleagues that want to grow together with us.

About the job

We are looking for a junior or medior data science engineer to complement our data science team working on our projects and product. You will use various ML / AI / data science libraries and work on a variety of applications. You will get to use various state of the art technologies including Elastic, Kafka, Kubernetes and Luigi. Finally, you will have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of our many industrial customers from various sectors, including (petro-) chemical, paper and pulp, automotive, metallurgy and food-andbeverage. Here’s a selection of some projects where we’ve built software solutions for our customers:

  • AI-based biometric signature verification for a mobile payment platform
  • Automatic sorting of onions based on computer vision and AI
  • Predictive modelling of prices and probability of winning second-hand cars in an online auction using AI
  • Predictive modelling of failures in production processes using AI
  • Vision-based detection of assembly mistakes in aluminum profiles
  • Optimizing and controlling in real-time the use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants based on predictions of the evolution of electricity prices to help maintain the balance on the electric grid
  • Detecting anomalies in a variety of industrial processes: chemical processes assembly lines, combined heat and power (CHP) plants, paper machines,… using unsupervised AI algorithms

What are your responsibilities?

In this job, you will use and extend a broad set of data science and software skills. You will typically work together with a more senior member of the team on projects and your day job typically consists of:

  • Help build and improve the algorithms in a challenging and scalable big-data platform for AI-based anomaly detection and predictive modeling
  • Apply and sometimes (co-)invent and implement AI/ML algorithms for processing various types of data (timeseries, tabular, …)
  • Development of computer models and doing predictive and prescriptive analytics for various applications
  • Build Proof of Concepts in notebooks, but also Integrate these algorithms into the operational flow of the customer, train the users and give support
  • Interface with various data sources over various connector pipelines (SQL, Elasticsearch, Kafka, REST APIs, …)
  • Tune algorithms and data pipelines for optimal performance
  • Train, tune and deploy anomaly detection and predictive models on industrial or IoT data within our platform Yanomaly

What do we offer?

  • Yazzoom is an innovative high-tech software and engineering company that helps its customers to push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of data analysis, machine learning and optimization algorithms. With us, you enter a growing company active in the world of constant innovation.
  • We provide the opportunity for training and, where appropriate, supervision by experienced senior colleagues. However, we expect you to hit the ground running and start coding from the first week.
  • In this job, you will never get bored. This is a job with a lot of variety. We offer the opportunity to grow with the company if you want and fit the requirements.
  • We promote communication and permanent learning in an informal, constructive, and no-nonsense corporate culture. Your colleagues are top notch and up to speed with the latest technological trends so you can learn with them and from them.
  • No rigid organizational structures and decision-making processes, but direct access to the company management and flexible working hours.
  • We give a lot of confidence to our employees and expect them to use it wisely. Therefore, we greatly appreciate taking initiative, passion for the work without neglecting the rest of your life, intelligence, teamwork and integrity.
  • We work hard but we also take time to celebrate success and have fun.
  • You will get to work in a winning team of smart professionals with diverse backgrounds (not only computer science) on a variety of challenging projects. Here are a few of the awards that our team has won over the past couple of years:
  • Your motivation, initiative and dedication are rewarded with a competitive remuneration package, with extras such as a company car or free public transport, a wage bonus, contributions to your retirement fund, a large training budget and an attractive travel allowance.

Where are we located?

The main location and base for this job is our office in Sint-Denijs-Westrem near Ghent (or from home while this is required by the corona regulations, and optionally one day per week afterwards). About 10 minutes from the Sint-Pieters train station by tram or by bike, and a few minutes from the E40 motorway. Occasional travel to our customers is required. Usually half or one day visits, and occasionally several days in a row.

Call me now for more information or send your resume with a short motivation letter: viking@talentinvlaanderen.be

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