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Creating Value from Data

Yazzoom provides software and R&D services for analyzing data to companies, knowledge institutes and government agencies.

Our objective is to realize value for our customers by improving their company processes through our expertise in software development, computer modelling, machine learning, advanced process control, signal processing and data mining.
In addition to offering of own software development and R&D services, and our own software products Yasense and Yanomaly, we are also the value added reseller of the software and services of our businesspartner PiControl Solutions LLC, Houston, Texas, USA: www.picontrolsolutions.com

Our team consists of top experts in signal processing, machine learning, machine vision, computer modelling, software engineering, data mining and advanced process control. We apply high standards of corporate, social and environmental responsibility and endorse the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO principles, the Global Compact and the CERES principles.
Thanks to our solutions, our customers need less energy and less raw materials, and avoid waste. Our contribution per employee to the reduction of carbon footprint is of the highest in the world, and we're really proud of that!

Yazzoom is active worldwide, with headquarters in Ghent, Belgium.

Aanspreekpunt voor dit bedrijf

Career Viking Mathieu



Tasks: challenging projects

  • AI-based biometric signature verification for a mobile payment platform
  • Automatic sorting of onions based on computer vision and AI
  • Predictive modelling of prices and probability of winning second-hand cars in an online auction using AI
  • Predictive modelling of failures in production processes using AI
  • Vision-based detection of assembly mistakes in aluminum profiles
  • Optimizing and controlling in real-time the use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP)