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Western Digital

Western Digital: world leader in object-based software for Exabyte storage systems

The DataCenter Systems department of Western Digital in Ghent (former ‘Amplidata’), builds - from the Ghelamco arena - object-based software technology for Exabyte-enabled Cloud Storage Systems. A team of 60 high educated Computer Sciences Engineers (Masters & Phd’s) uses different software technologies to put this in place. From Linux, C, C++ over Python, Golang, Java, O’CAML to a lot of algorithms and… even more mathematics.

In 2008, Wim De Wispelaere and Wouter Van Eetvelde (VP engineering & Co-Fouder) founded Amplidata. “With our technology for ‘unbreakable storage’, we can save very large data volumes (Big Data) without risking to lose some of these data. This also means, we exceed the RAID-system, that has troubles to compete.” Wim: “I like to compare our technology with the four wheels of a car, that represent four disk drives. When a car loses one of the wheels - or a disk drive crashes - the driver pulls over and stops the car. We, on the other hand, don’t have any time to lose and we accelerate, so to speak, to be able to restore the data as soon as possible.

Do you know Western Digital mainly from its hard disks? That’s possible, but in Ghent we engineer as well software technology for Cloud-Enabled Data Storage to 52 Petabyte of capacity and more!

So why go to Silicon Valley? Consider Ghent Valley and start your journey at Western Digital.

Aanspreekpunt voor dit bedrijf

Career Viking Olivier - Western Digital




Working with object-based software that generates capacity until 52 PetaByte? No challenge is too big for the passionate engineers of Western Digital. Our employees are at the heart of the company.



You are part of a team that exists of top notch people who like to work with you on innovative concepts.



There’s a good atmosphere and positive vibe at work. We provide a gym membership for each employee: it allows you to have a great time at the gym next door with your colleagues. We also have annual events.



Are you sick of endless traffic jams? Well, we have good news. Thanks to our ideal location near the E17 (exit UZ Ghent), you will love to jump in your company car to get to the office.