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Napoleon Games

What does Napoleon Games' Software Team have in common with Spotify?

“The undisputed market leader in Online Entertainment > 350.000 active users.”

Napoleon games is the undisputed market leader in the Belgian Online Entertainment sector and is active in all major segments hereof. Napoleon games also work within the Knokke & Middelkerke casino and 22 gaming arcades located in Belgium.

Over the last few years, the group has made significant technology investments in their fast growing Online Entertainment Platform which has over 350.000 active users per month !

“The Spotify Method @ Napoleon Games: Tribes, Squads, Chapters, Guilds” 

Within our squads and guilds, a working method based upon the Spotify model [https://scrumguide.nl/spotify-model/], you'll always feel supported, whether you have questions or ideas concerning current projects or if you're just looking for a 4th man for a foosball game. 

The benefit of this people-driven Agile model is that it gives the developers the chance to work autonomously, needing them to be constantly up to date of evolutions within their field to get the most out of the software they work with. 

“What does a regular day at Napoleon games look like?”

Flexible working hours mean that you'll be able to decide on what schedule works best for you. Working on projects with deadlines is also perfectly possible when you get to decide your office hours. Every day is a productive day, new deployments, new releases, new developments.

Data driven recommendation engines, complex integrations, fraud detection, login systems, data analysis, state of the art and very aesthetically pleasing websites, working within Open Source technology and Node.js for our back end and React.js for our front end ,... it's all in a day's work.

As you can imagine, because our online business concerns extremely complex matter, Napoleon games is constantly up to date with all the latest Javascript and Open Source libraries and Devops technologies. 

Working at Napoleon games is working in an exciting, fast paced and HiTech environment, where teamwork is key and you always have your finger firmly on the pulse of the latest software developments. 

Aanspreekpunt voor dit bedrijf

Career Viking Dean - Napoleon Games




We use the Spotify model for our development teams, which ensures that everyone can make full use of their capacities and mutual cooperation is constantly encouraged.



By keeping our developers' software knowledge constantly up-to-date, we ensure that no challenge is too big, we also have new projects every week.


Work-life balance

At Napoleon Games we work with sliding hours because we are convinced that a healthy work-life balance contributes to a productive working atmosphere.


Working atmosphere

At Napoleon Games we not only ensure that the team works together smoothly on the work surface, we also ensure great team-building moments such as kicker tournament, fries on Friday,...