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Manuel Garrido, Lead Data Architect (Portugal)

Q : Can you present yourself, your background, what your job entails and your responsibilities?
Im Manuel Garrido, Lead Data Architect at Daltix.
I like to consider myself as the data overlord, basically I try to keep up with our end to end data pipelines, enforce robust data schemas (so we can trust our data) and implement advanced transformations for our data. Wow thats a lot of data.
I also lead the Data Augmentation squad, which is the team that takes data from our Data Collection team, normalizes it and augments it with other data sources, the structure it into our data warehouse to be used by customer applications.

Q : How did you end up at Daltix?
I moved to Lisbon in 2017. Since I loved teaching, I found the Lisbon Data Science Academy and started teaching there. The founder is friends with Simon (Daltix's CTO) so he put us both in touch.

Q : Why did you choose for Daltix as an employer?
I joined Daltix for a couple of reasons; first, the company seemed to be in a very good place in terms of customers and culture (both things are major issues in most startups), second, the data Daltix works with is human understandable, meaning, you dont need to be a domain expert to know what a product is or how it should look like, this means you can apply your gut feeling from the beginning without having to learn a lot of domain specific lingo.

Q : What impact can you make in your job as an engineer at Daltix?

That is one of the greatest things about being an engineer here. Because we are a small team the impact you can do is tremendous, literally deciding how our infrastructure will evolve over time. Also we are always working on increasing intra squad knowledge, so squad rotations (where we work on another tech project for a limited time) are encouraged and fun!.

Q : A staff survey clearly revealed that we are "Proud to be Daltix". What makes you proud to work for Daltix?

We are a small team that competes head to head with big companies and we usually outperform them!

Q : What in your opinion distinguishes Daltix as an employer (with regards to other data engineering/data science companies)?
For me, the most important aspects of Daltix as an employer are the technical expertise in the company, meaning you can learn from top-notch engineers, and the quality of life policies the company has. Daltix is not a company that focuses on burning its employees, and i'm personally quite happy with the work-life balance.

Q : What are the skills and personal qualities an employee at Daltix must possess to be successful?

I would say the most important qualities someone at Daltix (or any other startup) need to thrive are capacity to work with other people and communicate (because we are a small team that needs to be coordinated) and willingness to learn (we try to to stay on the edge of what is possible technically speaking).

Q : What are the opportunities for personal and/or professional growth at Daltix?

We do our best to have a career path for every person in the company, and we  always allocate time/money so people can learn and become better at what they do.

Interested to work for Daltix?

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