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Alexander De Lancker

Together we are changing the world of retail.

How did you end up at Daltix?

Alexander : I knew founder Jonas Deprez as we both went to Vlerick Business School. He suggested that I should start working at Daltix. At that time I was working at a big data company that was mainly active in telecom and media. They worked with very rich data, but retail data is different, more dynamic, changing almost on a daily basis. That is why the activities of Daltix were more appealing to me. I knew from experience that retailers are often very traditionally minded, so there was still a lot of room for innovation and automation. I thought it would be a nice challenge to help smaller companies compete with tech giants in retail like Amazon and Walmart.

Q : What does the Professional Services function entail?

Alexander : Within Professional Services, we are currently looking for two profiles: an 'applied' data scientist and a data insights consultant. The first will mainly occupy him/herself with data simulations, integrations at the customer and setting up R&D projects. The second profile will organize workshops and provide relationship management with the various stakeholders.

Q : A staff survey clearly revealed that we are "Proud to be Daltix". Why do you think the staff is so proud of their employer?

Alexander : Our references are not the least important. Not every start-up technology company gets to work for large companies such as Unilever, Henkel, Colruyt Group and Intergamma. There is a lot of demand for our product and we can really provide added value. It's just nice to see how much impact we can make.

"Together we are changing the world of retail."

90% of our employees would recommend Daltix as an employer to others. The team is convinced that together we are changing the world of retail.

What we also score highly in as an employer are the attention to a healthy work-life balance, the accessibility of management and the possibility to decide about how we organize our work and what we work on.

Q : What skills and personal qualities must an employee of Professional Services possess?

Alexander : Our clients often don’t know what they want in concrete terms, but rather have a certain need. You must be able to convert the client's gut feeling into tools and dashboards so that you can help them effectively. A certain level of creativity is therefore important because you decide how you will approach each project.

In addition, you must be able to communicate transparently, both to the client and to the own team. You must have the skills to communicate technical complexities in a very simple way. Within the companies we work for, we are in daily contact with business stakeholders, not IT professionals or engineers. It is therefore an art to reduce complexity to the essence.

Finally, flexibility is also very important because customers' priorities may change throughout the project. Moreover, you work on different projects at the same time and under a certain time pressure. This is something that actually energizes me. It is certainly not a boring, static data environment.

Q : How do you help retailers in a concrete manner?

Alexander : We are not change managers or strategy consultants, but we use our analyses and insights to optimize the current state of affairs. This way, we ensure that companies can save costs and will not make promotions without a certainty of return on investment. Our data enables retailers to better predict their pricing strategy and generate higher margins or revenues.

Q : Does the changing retail landscape have an impact on your job?

Alexander : The more competition takes place online, the more data we can collect, so in that respect the shift to online shopping is certainly not a bad thing for us.

Because online customers are able to compare easily, they also become more price-conscious. Traditional retailers will therefore also respond more dynamically to price changes. They are really looking for a technology like ours to help them do that.

Q : What are the opportunities for personal growth at Daltix?

Alexander : In the coming months and years, we are planning a growth trajectory and we want to serve two of the largest retail markets in Europe, France and Germany, in addition to the Benelux and Portugal. Employees will be given the opportunity to really pull these businesses together and at some point take on the roll-out to Germany.

We currently have two vacancies at Daltix Professional Services and we are planning many more. Together we are going for it and changing the world. Knowing that what we do is a real game changer for these companies gives us an enormous energy boost. The start-up vibe within the team is probably the best aspect of the job.