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Daltix (België/Lissabon)

About DALTIX and what we're up to!

Daltix is a young company from Ghent (BE) with offices in Boom (BE) and Lisbon (PT) bringing real-time insights to the world of retail. Using state-of-the-art tools we gather, process and analyze price, promotion and assortment data from webshops. This data is turned into actionable insights for the right people at the right time by extracting high level insights, introducing more structure with A.I. techniques, and enriching the information with alternative data sources. These insights are used by retailers and suppliers to help them in their market positioning.

Our team is present in 2 amazing countries: we have an office in Ghent and Boom (Belgium) and one in the heart of Lisbon (Portugal). We chose Lisbon as our engineering base because the city offers entrepreneurial and tech opportunities (also, we like sunshine). Our team consists of both locals and expats and embraces 7 different nationalities thus far. We work hard as a team to achieve our goals but we also take the time to enjoy ourselves through monthly team activities or the occasional well-deserved beer!

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Be there when s***t goes down. Be accountable. Be there for your team. Don’t destroy the rainforest.

Be curious. You never know it all -> stay humble. 1 + 1 = 3. Be willing to challenge the status quo. Listen to others. Be respectful.

Smart & ambitious
Always try to improve. Always keep on learning. Strive to be the best you can. Use the best technologies available. Be tech savvy. Be customer savvy.

Be willing to respond to changes. Be hands-on. Don’t over engineer.

Share your problems as individual/team/company. You should still ask for help when needed. Share your successes as individual/team/company. We don’t want to be some unknown company.

Aanspreekpunt voor dit bedrijf

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Learning and Development

Learning and Development – Attend meet-up, conferences, and event sessions that interest you and benefit your personal and career growth

Tech Perks

Work with the latest tech stack like AWS and SPARK on a laptop of choice


Work-Life balance

We trust you to know your schedule and work when you feel most productive


Health Benefits

Comprehensive coverage for medical

Meal allowance

Monthly meal card along with a fully stocked kitchen with enough coffee and fruits, along with monthly team drinks and dinners